Let’s Pray God’-Sized Prayers! Pt. 1

by Brenda Kuseski

                   Like the early church, all of our efforts need to begin with prayer; we need to see God’s Spirit doing God-sized works that bring glory to the Father and the Son. In PrayerConnect Magazine, J. Lee Grady challenges us to stop worrying and fretting, and instead, “pray BIG”:

   We are divided politically and failing morally—and weird weather patterns, gun violence and global upheavals have darkened the gloom. Some people have thrown up their hands and prayed, “Lord, rapture us out of here!”

   But I’m not ready to bail out, and I don’t think God is wringing His hands over the problems on Earth… I’m not ignoring the seriousness of our dilemma, but losing hope is not the solution. God’s plan under the New Covenant is redemption, not judgment. He invites us to agree with Him for that miracle—and when He answers by fire from heaven, America could be changed in a day. 

   So instead of fretting about the devil’s strategies, heading for the hills or condemning America to hell, I’m praying for a miracle of grace. Several big miracles, in fact. Here is my short list of prayer goals:

 1. Spiritual awakening on college campuses. Today’s younger generation is biblically illiterate, spiritually clueless, largely fatherless, saturated in porn and skeptical of church and most TV preachers. That’s a bleak scenario, but my Bible says, “where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (Rom. 5:20, NASB). When the hippies of the 1960s embraced drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, God unleashed the Jesus Movement—and it marked a generation for Christ. He can do it again. I’m praying that this time it will also touch the 720,000 international students on U.S. campuses today.

2. Transformation of our inner cities. Some urban neighborhoods in the U.S. resemble bombed-out cities in the Third World. The devil thinks he owns these places, but God is empowering Nehemiahs to reclaim and rebuild the ruins. I expect this miracle to happen largely through African-American and Hispanic churches, especially those that have renounced legalistic religiosity. I’m expecting to hear good things out of Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston and Baltimore, to name a few.                                      

3. Supernatural visitation among Native Americans. They were the first residents of this land, but today they are the least evangelized. Evangelism efforts backfired in the past because of prejudice and insensitivity. But God longs to reveal His Father’s love to the Native community. I expect a wave of revival to sweep from Native believers in northern Alaska to reservations in Oklahoma to urban centers like Denver, Phoenix and Santa Fe.

4. A wave of repentance among Christian men. So many churchgoing men today are bound by regret, sexual sin, fatherlessness and the shame of divorce. But God has promised to restore the hearts of fathers to their children and children to fathers (see Mal. 4:6). Any genuine move of the Holy Spirit will be accompanied by widespread restoration of families. And as fathers are restored, they will be equipped to be mentors to a broken generation.

 If you find that your prayers are too small, too self-absorbed, your vision too tame, focus this week on praying for things so big that it will take a mighty move of an omnipotent, loving God to bring them about.                         [These are the first four of eight…the rest next week.]

Becky WarnerComment