More God-Sized Prayers! Pt. 2

by Brenda Kuseski

                Last week we looked at J. Lee Grady’s challenge to pray BIG for these four miracles of God’s grace:

1. Spiritual awakening on college campuses; 2. Transformation of our inner cities; 3. Supernatural visitation among Native Americans; and 4. A wave of repentance among Christian men. This week, we finish his list, so pray these kingdom-focused prayers:


5. An unleashing of courage and compassion among Christian women. The biblical story of Deborah teaches that when times get tough, God often raises up brave women to meet the challenge. This has happened before in American history, when women affiliated with the Holiness Movement in the early 1900s challenged rampant alcoholism in order to protect families. In this decade I expect to see the greatest mobilization of women in history—both to fight social injustice at home and also to engage in aggressive mission work overseas.

6. Another Spirit outpouring among Roman Catholics. In the late 1960s, an unexpected “God moment” at a Catholic college in Pittsburgh sparked a worldwide movement that brought millions of Catholics into a personal relationship with Christ.. The fires of that awakening have died out, but God can do it again. I hope you love Catholics enough to pray for that.                                                                

7. Revitalization of American denominations. I believe God has been quietly working in many church networks to release a new passion to fulfill the Great Commission. Visionary leaders are scrapping the dead traditions of the past and forming new wineskins. Tired and ineffective programs are being eliminated, and denominations are becoming leaner and more fruitful. The result will be one of the greatest seasons of church planting in American history. Pray that every change will originate with God, and not the wisdom of men.

8. A Holy Spirit visitation inside the U.S. military. The threat of international terrorism is real, and evil forces are more aggressive. That’s why I’ve been asking God to mercifully touch all branches of our armed forces. We need people of faith on the front lines. We need generals who pray and soldiers who fear God. Arguments about separation of church and state seem silly when nuclear bombs are being aimed at us.

 After you’ve spent time praying for these God-sized moves, ask the Holy Spirit for bring to your mind other groups of people in our nation who need to be touched by His fire. (Hollywood, businesses, immigrants, senior citizens, teens and millennials, sports figures, etc.) If you find that your prayers are too small, too self-absorbed, too tame, focus this week on praying for things so big that it will take a mighty move of an omnipotent, loving God to bring them about.

Becky WarnerComment