Discouraged? —Pray Psalm 40 (Pt. 1)

by Brenda Kuseski

 The following article from PrayerConnect Magazine shows how to pray Scripture specifically and powerfully to combat discouragement. Kim Butts demonstrates how engage in this battle. Here is her account:         

 A friend took me to Psalm 40; what an amazing gift! Even in the first three verses--there is so much richness and treasure here!

Psalm 40:1a  “I waited patiently for the LORD…”

The Prayer of Waiting: Father, help me to wait patiently for You…to experience Your sweet and comforting presence in the midst of the chaos, confusion and pain! I trust You to be the answer to each of my worries…whether an issue, illness, situation, relationship or dysfunction. You alone can repair, restore and heal. Give me the ability to lay down my burdens at the foot of the cross of Christ so that I am able to watch you move and do what cannot be done in my human strength. Help me to trust You fully with those I love so that You can do Your work more perfectly within them. Show me how to set aside my “need” to fix things or to “come to the rescue.” Give me the desire to get out of Your way and let You move!

 God’s Responses to the Prayer of Waiting: 

Psalm 40:1b “…and He inclined to me and heard my cry.”

My Prayer: How amazing to me that You, the God of the Universe, literally leaned in towards me and heard my cry! How grateful my heart is and how much I must mean to You to take time to hear my pitiful cries for help. In the midst of my anguish, You care for me so very much – way more than I could ever imagine! Thank You, Abba Father…for bending down and ministering to my broken spirit. Thank You that I can always know You hear as I call upon Your holy name!

Psalm 40:2a “He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay…”

My Prayer: Loving Jesus, You not only heard my cries for help, You brought me up out of the pit – where I was filled with despair and discouragement and doubt and depression. When I was sinking in the mire, You filled me with hope and allowed me to see the light in the midst of one a dark places and season. Thank you for pulling me out of the clay that was sucking me under.

--Adapted (To be continued next week)

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