Exciting changes in Children's Ministry (aka faith kids)

We have made some significant changes in our Children's Ministry area this year. These changes have happened to better align the Children’s Ministry with Faith Church's mission to introduce people to Jesus and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Over the past year, Pastor Rob, Kelly, Patti, Dolly and I spent quite a bit of time in prayer and discussion about what we consider to be the "win" in Children's Ministry. What have we learned through our collective years of experience in the fields of church ministry and education? We recognize that there are many ways to go after our mission, but what are the BEST investments of our limited time and resources? And how do we come alongside families to help equip parents to help their children grow in relationship with Jesus and others?

Here's a few of the changes that we have implemented this year and the “why’s” behind them:

1. We decided to not do VBS this year. As we discussed the goals for our VBS, we discovered that we were not doing well at achieving them. While we were doing a great job of reaching lots of our kids and other churched kids and deepening their faith, we were not reaching many new, non-churched kids as a means of introducing them to Jesus (which had been our intention). So, instead of continuing to do VBS just because “we have always done it”, we decided to redirect our time, energy and resources toward some different programs.  This also allowed us to look at family-friendly options for ministry programming, as we shift to a family ministry focus.

2. We reworked our Sunday morning programming to include year-round, large group/small group experiences for kids in Kindergarten to 4th Grade. There are many benefits to this decision. Every week kids experience fun, engaging worship and large group teaching, consistent small groups with caring leaders who the kids spend time with on a weekly basis, and Bible teaching that reaches kids in age appropriate ways.

3. By not doing VBS, we have launched some new events for the summer season. Family Fun Nights (June 6 and July 18) are a chance for Faith families to gather for food, fellowship, fun and faith-building activities in a relaxed atmosphere that is a great opportunity for us to invite friends, grandkids, neighbors, etc.

We are also offering Kids Nights Out (June 22 and July 27). This is a chance for kids ages 4 to 5th grade to have a night out at church. We will provide food, games, and activities for kids to enjoy. This is another great opportunity for families to invite friends and neighbors to a safe event and perhaps slip out for a date night.  Again, a family ministry event which pours into parents as well.

4. The Children's Ministry area downstairs has been re-configured to allow for our large group/small group. This means that, for security reasons, we have had to "close off" the basement as a walk-though for people who are not involved in Children's Ministry. Thank you for helping us maintain a secure environment our kids by not walking through that space on Sunday mornings unless you are a parent, or a volunteer working that morning.

5. We have implemented a new electronic sign in system for our kids. We are using our church database platform, Simple Church, to help us streamline our process for attendance and check in. We even have mobile check in available through the Simple Church app so parents and kids can avoid the line and come right in when they arrive at church!

If you have further questions or want to find out how you can get involved in serving our children and families at Faith Church, please reach out to any of our Children’s Ministry team members: Kelly Boettger, Patti Leach and Dolly Shuler.

Cris AlsumComment