Satisfy your soul :  Worship  part 2

by Brenda Kuseski

Last week’s Prayer-Gram presented Linda Dillow’s thoughts on the art and lifestyle of worship from her book, Satisfy My Thirsty Soul.  The first three topics discussed making worship a priority; Dillow talked about our soul’s thirst for God, the definition of worship as “being dazzled by God,” and finding stillness in our hearts so that we can worship.  This continues her discussion. (Page numbers are included if you wish to get the book; all the following quotations are Dillow;s, except where noted.)

3.  My Soul Finds Stillness:  Worship God with the ABCs of worship: (51) “ Almighty, Amazing, Abba….” “Benevolent, Brilliant, Beautiful…” [Continue through the alphabet…use your concordance for ideas.]

We have difficulty finding stillness among the clamor.  Martha Kilpatrick wrote “Time is the treasure of life.  Time IS life.  Time is the willing sacrifice that you offer up to the worship of what you love.  Don’t tell me what you love.  Tell me where you spend your TIME and I'll tell YOU what you love." (55)

For me intimacy with God begins when I quiet my heart, stop, and know that He is God.  My prayer is ever, “Lord, take me deeper.  Take me deeper in what it means to worship you.  Take me deeper into your presence." (58)

Ask the Father to help you recognize the “little solitudes” in your day… (62)  Quiet your mind by writing distracting thoughts in a notebook, reading a psalm or other Scripture passage, or praying out loud.  Let go of external clamor by listening to quiet worship music through headphones.  (65)

4.  Expanding My Worship Experience:  Worship and prayer flow together.  Start and end with worship.  The Lord's Prayer has more words of worship than of request. (75)

My knowledge of God limits my worship because I worship based on my understanding of Him.  (77)  Ask God to give you a picture of who He is.  "Whenever I have a 'Quiet Time' and whenever I pray, I imagine the Lord Jesus himself close beside me, and then I speak to him as if I saw him face to face." (83, quoting Hannah Hurnard)

5.  I Bow My Life:  The Continental Divide of questions: Is your life 100 percent surrendered to God? (93)

Of course, the Lord delights when I tell Him that I love Him, but Jesus made it clear that if my words of love are authentic, I will live out my love by obeying His commands.  Obedience motivated by love differs greatly from obedience motivated by duty. (102)  Obedience involves listening attentively with a heart of submission and then obeying God's Word and His voice. (103)




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