Satisfy your soul :  WORSHIP   part 4

by Brenda Kuseski

This is the fourth section from Linda Dillow’s thoughts on the art and lifestyle of worship from her book,  Satisfy My Thirsty Soul. Earlier topics included “My Thirsty Soul”; “My Worship”; and “My Soul Finds Stillness”; “I Bow My Life”; and “I Bow My Words/ Attitude/ Work/ and Times of Waiting.”   (Page numbers are included if you wish to get the book; all the following comments are Dillow;s, except where noted.)

9.  I Bow My Times of Waiting:

The hardest waiting is waiting on God.  How long will it be?  How much anguish?  We never know.  (163)

 Ask any mother.  It is easier to do anything than to just sit and wait on God on behalf of your children. There is joy in being a lifegiver; it is a privilege.  It is also a liability, because by trying to prevent pain in the lives of those we love, we can become a stumbling stone and block God's higher purposes.  It is a difficult yet necessary lesson to learn.  While God often calls us to put in place general rules of protection, He does not call us to categorically prevent the ones we love from hurting.  It is not our place to keep the ones we love from hurting. (169)

 The Hebrew word for wait means to twist or stretch, and includes the idea of the tension of enduring.  It means to look forward with confident hope to that which is good and beneficial.  The connotation evokes two images: connection and tension.  (170)

10.  I Bow My Pain

 "Certainly the last thing on your mind is that God's response when you delight Him is to lead you into a place of deep pain.  Yet this is exactly what happened to Jesus." (Mark 1:12)  "The way to God's presence often involves sorrow and suffering and time in a desert." (184)  "In my naïveté as a young believer, I thought abundant [life], meant no detours, no desert time, and no pain." (185)  "A major theme in the Bible is how to live in the midst of trials, pressures, and pain." (185)

 "We see two parts to God's comfort.  First, He comforts us, then we are able to comfort others." (187)

 Oswald Chambers says, "God does not keep a man immune from trouble; He says, 'I will be with him in trouble.'" (194)

 When in pain sing songs of praise, claim Scripture, weep before God, and persevere--don't give up.  (199)

This week, consider the issues you face that are in a holding period, and ask God to show you how He is using this waiting time to “stretch” you, and ultimately show His glory.  Bring your  past and present pain before Him, and ask the Spirit to show you how you can comfort others.

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