Satisfy Your Soul : WORSHIP Part 5

Submitted by Brenda Kuseski

This is the final  section from Linda Dillow’s thoughts on the art and lifestyle of worship from her book,  Satisfy My Thirsty Soul. Earlier topics included “My Thirsty Soul”; “My Worship”; and “My Soul Finds Stillness”; “I Bow My Life”; and “I Bow My Words/ Attitude/ Work/ and Times of Waiting.”   (Page numbers are included if you wish to get the book; all the following comments are Dillow;s, except where noted.)

11.  I Bow My Will

            As opposed to a typical teenage attitude that is self-centered, independent and resistant, a trusting one is God-centered, dependent, and submissive.  (207)

            "A 'Trusting One' humbly bows her will to God's will.  Bowing my will is so hard to do, yet I am convinced this is the deepest form of worship.  When I bow my will in worship, I put feet to my faith."  (207)

            True heart sacrifice involves identifying something precious to us, letting go of our control over it, embracing God's love in the process of release, and resting in the outcome, even if we never understand. (215)

12.  Drawn Into His Presence

            The secret longing of every heart is face-to-face intimacy.  The grand surprise is that worship ushers us into the presence of God.  "Hidden in worship is His presence." (227)  "Every secret choice you made to bow before your Father God, is a step toward intimacy with Him." (229)  "I have the privilege of fellowshipping with the Creator of the universe!"  (Revelation 3:20) (229)

Worship is purposeful pursuit of Him.  "In a scheduled appointment, I take the initiative.  I am purposeful and intentional.  I come to meet with my loving Father.  In a surprise encounter, God comes to meet with me.  It's as if the roles are reversed.  As amazing as it sounds, God is purposeful in His pursuit of me!  He longs for intentional intimacy with me!"  (133)

 This week, spend some time sitting before the Lord, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what He wants you to know about your attitude, your work, and your waiting.

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