The Richness of the Gospel

by Brenda Kuseski

[from Brenda]  Andrew Wilson’s "GodStories," is one of the most refreshing books I’ve read.  His short chapters trace the entire Bible in its account of God’s intention to redeem us and fill us with the good news that Jesus has done everything for our eternal benefit.

The following excerpt summarizes why we need to see that story in all the pages of the Bible:

"… if, for example, we saw the gospel simply as a story of personal salvation, we would limit its scope enormously and rob God of the praise that is due him. Such a view would miss out on the salvation of a corporate people and would find very little place for the history of Israel, which so much of the Bible is about. It would marginalize God's faithfulness to his covenant, and his multi-colored wisdom in the church. And it would ignore the fact that scripture speaks of the whole of creation, not just human souls being made new.  So reducing the gospel to only a story of personal salvation is like playing the Bohemian Rhapsody on the recorder:  the melody might be the same, but much of the music's power is lost, and the brilliance of the composer is missed.

[Speaking of the variety in Bible truth].. Scripture contains something to inspire worship in everyone. To the philosopher, there are God stories of riddles and revelation, inquiry and truth. To the historian, there is an array of events covering thousands of years and numerous civilizations. To the architect, there are descriptions of temples being established and cities being rebuilt. To the artist, there are God stories of beauty triumphing over ugliness, order over chaos, new creation over stagnation. For the romantic, there's a tale of a complicated relationship with a wonderful man that ends happily ever after; for the action film fanatic, a story of the hero rescuing the love of his life and saving the world against impossible odds. There are genealogies for the tribesmen, visions for the mystics, and arguments for the intellectuals. And displaying his glory in every one of these God stories is Yahweh, the I AM, the maker of heaven and earth and the rescuer of all things. Reading all of these stories will give us a bigger and better view of him. 

We need to see the richness of the Gospel because the glory of God is at stake.


Becky WarnerComment