Why the WHOLE Bible is important

By Brenda Kuseski

This is more from Andrew Wilson’s excellent book, "GodStories:"

"…... If preaching the gospel to the church means simply reiterating the call to repent and be saved every week, then it's no wonder that so many preachers (and listeners)  struggle. But if it means explaining to the church the full extent and scope of the God stories in scripture, then you could preach for a lifetime and never repeat yourself.

 …Again and again in the pages of the New Testament, we find writers contending for the gospel because they care about the church.

  To the Galatians, Paul reinforces God stories about being justified by faith apart from the law, and about Jews and Gentiles being one in Christ. The Corinthians, on the other hand, seem to understand that, but they need a strong reminder about Christ being crucified, their sanctification, and the bodily resurrection.  First John focuses on the Incarnation God story more than others. Hebrews tells us about the priesthood of Jesus and the superiority of Christ to the major Jewish symbols. In none of these cases is evangelism the point. Instead, a failure to understand these various God stories leads to division and sexual immorality and false teaching and backsliding, respectively, so the health of the church depends on understanding the fullness of the Gospel

   ... If you're an introverted community of mature Christians, you can study the mission of God. If you love seeing people saved but you aren't quite sure what to do with them when they are, you can look at freedom from sin. Frustrated artists can look at God's beauty; frustrated activists, his Justice.  If you don't get the Old Testament, then you can look under every verse and every rock until you find Christ. If you get only the Old Testament, then see how all of God's promises are now yes and amen. Whoever you are, wherever you're reading this, you can find truth that will expand your view of God and revel in it. Then you can experience the joy of sharing it.”                                                                                                                        [adapted]

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