Prepare for a Glorious Easter!

By Brenda Kuseski

Christians all over the world observe Easter Sunday.  It’s a week away, but begin now  to pray for a special Easter season this year. Here are some ways you might pray for a glorious Easter:

 1.  Spend time praising God for Christ’s sacrifice; tell Him what being His child has meant for your life.  Meditate on the death of Christ and the meaning of His    resurrection life.

 2.  Many people will attend church only at a special time like Easter.  Pray that God will open their hearts and show them that they need Christ.  Envision Easter as a great harvest day.

 3.  Pray for all the churches in Loveland where the Gospel is given out; ask God to bring in a great harvest of souls.  Pray against Satan’s plan to steal the seed of the Word as it is given.

 4.  Pray for pastors as they prepare and speak—that the Holy Spirit will empower them, so that they will experience the joy of seeing lives changed by the power of God’s Word.

 5.  Pray for those among your friends and family who don’t know Christ.  Ask them to attend church (with you if possible) this Easter.

 6.   Pray for those in hospitals and nursing homes, and those who have to work this Easter, that the joy of the day will spread to them.

 7.  Here at FEC, pray for the logistics of the Easter services—the Good Friday Day of Prayer, the Good Friday evening service.  Pray for the, Easter morning services, and special children’s programs.  Pray for the ushers and greeters, the choir and worship team. “Walk through” the church in your mind; pray for each room, each teacher, each person who will be here. 

 8.  Christians all over the world are celebrating Easter; ask God to give a world-wide revival, and let the message of Christ’s death and resurrection release the captives of sin and darkness.

 After you’ve prayed these “kingdom prayers,” ask God to bless you with the life, joy, and power of the resurrected Christ.


Becky WarnerComment