He is Risen Indeed!

by Brenda Kuseski

Gene Edwards has written a series of books, The Chronicles of the Door, in which he imagines the story of redemption from the point of view of the heavenly angels.  Throughout, they are amazed and awed by the unfolding plan of God to redeem a people as a bride for the Jesus.  Although this is a work of imagination, Edwards’ words stretch our understanding of the glory of Jesus’ resurrection as He won the battle with Death in The Triumph


   All the powers of the Eternal Holy Spirit had come together in one place:  the tomb.  Out of the inmost portions of the lifeless body of Jesus burst forth a blast of light greater than that which had exploded at the beginning of creation.

   Now, from out of that tomb streamed golden fire, and in the midst of this ineffable glory, Light of all lights, Life Eternal, revealed itself to be a Man!

I am the firstborn from the dead.  Nor shall I ever die again.

In me my chosen ones also have died.

In rising from the womb of death, they—in me—rise with me…never to die again.

My chosen ones, now glorious ones, are born from the dead.

   “Come forth, my new creation.  You, the new creatures, now in me, come forth with me.  Arise as I arise!  Ascend when I ascend.”  Jesus the Christ—Son of the Living God, his flaming body dazzling gold and white, blazing with fiery light, carrying the redeemed ones in Him—rose from the dead.  Passing through His graveclothes, He stood inside Joseph’s tomb robed in glory. God, incarnate as man, crucified, now risen and about to ascend, triumphant over all, billowing cataracts of torrential light and rivers of fire, roared his victory shout: I HAVE RISEN!

      Passing through the stone, the Lord of all glory stepped out upon the earth, threw up his hands, and shouted greetings to the awaiting angels….They broke out in wild delirium of praise…Rapture reigned…Celebration became ecstasy…Chaotic rejoicing and wild excitement ruled the hour….Then the Lord who had conquered Death pointed to the tomb, and together Michael and Gabriel rolled back the stone.  The tomb was so very, very empty!  This was more than angel spirits could contain, and enraptured, they shouted praises and sang songs in utter joy.

   Praise, cheers, and shouts rose one above the other from the throats of angels delirious with wonder.  Finally, they began to sing triumphantly:

Risen, yes, risen!  Risen above all!

Risen, yes, risen, far above all!

Nothing else can reach Him.

Heaven’s roof beneath Him falls.

He is exalted so far beyond all!


And when angels’ voices could no longer shout, nor sing, nor even whisper, mute citizens of heaven fell at the pierced feet of the Most High Lord, and worshiped Him.


--Today, let the beauty and glory of the risen Jesus fill your heart, mind, and imagination, and join with the hosts of Heaven to worship Him as your Lord. Celebrate Easter every day!


Becky WarnerComment