We Need the Word and the Spirit

by Brenda Kuseski

After Pentecost, the disciples were fully equipped to turn the world upside down with their gospel message. In spite of three years’ training, Jesus had said “DON’T GO” until the Holy Spirit—the promised gift of the Father—was poured out.  In Jesus, Continued, J.D. Grear discusses the dynamic of the Word and the Spirit: 

              We see the interdependent relationship of Word and Spirit over and over throughout Scripture…In the beginning, God established the world by his Word, but the Spirit hovered over the expanse and brought order and beauty to the  firmament God had spoken into being.  That’s a good example of how the two relate:  the Word commands and establishes the foundations; the Spirit quickens and makes alive.

The Spirit takes God’s timeless truths and makes them come alive in us.  He helps us understand them, shows us how to implement them, and empowers us to accomplish them.  He transforms task lists into a relationship.


The Word is eternal and unchanging. The Spirit’s direction is specific and varied.

The Word gives us promises. The Spirit compels us to risk in certain situations.

The Word outlines the mission. The Spirit inspires a vision.

The Word sets the standards. The Spirit guides the operations.

The Word shows us the end game. The Spirit points to a starting place.

The Word sets our expectations. The Spirit inspires our dream.

The Word describes the character of God. The Spirit pulls us into his emotions.

The Word recounts God’s acts of salvation. The Spirit sheds abroad his love in our hearts.

The Word gives us the revelation. The Spirit illumines the explanation.

The Word provides the content. The Spirit brings the conviction.

The Word helps us to know. The Spirit enables us to learn.

The Word commands us to listen. The Spirit empowers us to hear.

The Word commands us to obey. The Spirit beckons us to follow. 


Working hard—and harder—and harder—to be a good disciple can be exhausting and frustrating.  This week, soak in God’s Word, and ask the Holy Spirit to make it come alive in your soul and in your life.  Let Him flow from you in acts of love and power.  You’ll find that your growth as a disciple is His purpose and His pleasure. 

Becky WarnerComment