Pray the NEWS

by Brenda Kuseski

 Researchers have found that folks who hear/read the news are more anxious and depressed, and that’s especially true in this day of terrorism, international tension, and division. As a Christian, though, you can approach it differently! Use your prayer authority as a representative of Christ’s kingdom on earth; you’ll find that it’s an exciting way to participate in local and worldwide events!  If you think you have “not much” to pray for, try viewing the news  as a prayer resource:

*(If you get your news online, through TV, or via newspapers, the same suggestions apply!)

 Political news—Pray for ALL government leaders, thanking God for this country.  Pray for peace and unity in our land, and for godliness and love to increase. Ask God for His will, not yours.

Human interest stories—As you read stories of remarkable people, pray that they will know Christ and that He will be exalted through them. Thank God for every act of heroism or kindness.

World events—Praise God that He is in complete control of “kings and nations”; pray for worldwide revival in every country on earth.  Find out about the activity of the church in the various nations.

Sports stories—Pray for famous sports figures to have a personal relationship with Christ and to be role models for everyone who hears about them.  As you read about high school sports, pray for players, coaches, and schools, that Christ will be honored there.

Movie reviews—Pray for Christian actors, directors, and writers to have favor in Hollywood; pray for truth to be exalted and vileness to be starved out of existence.

Obituaries—Pray for the families of those who’ve died; for funerals to present the gospel.

Church news—Pray for all the churches, for revival and a great harvest for the Gospel in Loveland.

Police reports—Pray for all first responders, for those who commit crimes, and those who are victims.

Advertisements—Pray for Christians in the workplace; ask God to financially bless honesty and hard work; pray that men and women will have employment to support their families.


Once you begin, you’ll come up with lots of ways to ask God to bring glory to Himself...

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight into what’s on His heart.

This is a great prayer project for families—your children will surprise you!


Becky WarnerComment