Our Faithful God

by Brenda Kuseski

Some time ago, the choir sang “God of the Ages,” and the power of the lyrics spoke to any situation that we encounter.  They remind us that our God’s faithfulness and power are never in doubt.  This week, revisit the song and meditate on the truth of these words:


God of the ages, History’s Maker,

Planning our pathway, holding us fast

Shaping in mercy all that concerns us;

Father, we praise You, Lord of the past.


God of this morning, gladly your children

Worship before You, trustingly bow;

Teach us to know You always among us,

Quietly sovereign, Lord of our now.


God of tomorrow, Strong Overcomer,

Princes of darkness own Your command.

What then can harm us?  We are your people,

Now and forever kept by your hand.


Lord of past ages, Lord of this morning,

Lord of the future, help us, we pray;

Teach us to trust You, love and obey You,

Crown You each moment Lord of today.


[The tune is “Morning has broken”; italics added]


CCLI Song # 5766176

Margaret Clarkson | Tom Fettke

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