The Hole in Our Gospel

by Barb Koelzer, Local Outreach Team

Did you read The Hole in Our Gospel in relation to our sermon series of the same name? I did, and I have to say my first response to the book was guilt. I marveled at Richard Stearns’ decision to leave his corporate job and become the U.S. President of World Vision, a nonprofit organization. I thought to myself, “Well, that’s fine for him. I couldn’t afford to do that!”

Does that make me a bad Christian? Is it a sign that I am lacking faith? I pondered these questions and came to some realizations that I think Rich would agree with. Can I do more? Yes, I can give more time and more money to help others, as Christ has called us to do. But even more than this, I had to acknowledge that I am already doing something and stop beating myself up.

Guilt without action is a wasted emotion. I know that. So, instead of sitting around feeling like an entitled, affluent American (which I am in comparison to people in most of the world) I decided to take time to pray and think about what God wants from me, where he is leading me. I made a list of the charitable organizations to which I contribute and another list of causes and organizations that move my heart. I urge you to do the same.

I decided I didn’t need to feel like a slacker. The ways in which I’ve shared my time and resources have meant a lot to me and I know they make God happy. In all reality, that may be all I can fit into life right now – until I retire, anyway. But I can plan to act on the things God has placed on my heart when I have more free time. Creating a long-range plan will help me be prepared when the time is right.

What about you? Maybe you are busy raising a family and working. Maybe the thought of adding “more” to your daily schedule creates feelings of stress and anxiety. God wouldn’t want you to overburden yourself.

But that isn’t the case for everyone. If you have free time and haven’t gotten involved because you’re afraid or don’t know exactly what you’d like to do to fill your “hole in the gospel,” please don’t procrastinate. Ephesians 5: 2 says, “walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” Walking in love is a critical part of the Christian life and Faith Church’s mission.

Action is the cure for guilt, fear or procrastination. Other members of our church community responded after hearing Pastor Rob’s sermon on March 25. In fact, more than 30 people began their journey towards greater involvement in some of the opportunities available here in Loveland. Won’t you consider doing the same?

The Local Outreach Team has compiled a list of service opportunities. Some can be done in your own home, or in Loveland. Pray, listen to God’s small, still voice, and go where He is leading you. You have something valuable to offer and can make a difference but only by taking that step in faith. Walking in love -- helping those who need our assistance -- will bless them and you in ways you cannot even imagine.