New Class: Where is the Hole? — Preparing for Lent


By Rob McClelland

I can’t believe that we are already heading into February of 2018!  This year is an interesting year in the life of the Church because Easter falls so early – April 1st.  That means that the season of Lent starts earlier too.  In fact, Ash Wednesday, which is the day Lent begins, falls on Valentine’s Day this year.

As such, we want to let you know today that we are inviting everyone here at Faith Church to join together in an all-church Lenten study of Richard Stearns’ book, The Hole in Our Gospel, which was voted the 2010 Christian Book of the Year.  Stearns is the President of World Vision here in the United States and was one of the keynote speakers this year at Group Publishing’s “Future of the Church Conference.”  I have read this book and it is spiritually challenging as well as encouraging.

In the four years I have been at Faith Church, we have never done an all-church Study.  But this is only for six (6) weeks, and you can do anything for six weeks, right?  This book explores such questions as, “What does God expect of us?”  This was the question that personally challenged Richard Stearns as God was calling him to become the new president of World Vision.  During Stearns’ journey with God in answering that question, he wrestled with God, was challenged to rethink what the Church was, and had to reconsider how he made even basic decisions about life.

My hope is that during this six-week study, we will all be challenged during the season of Lent in a new and life-changing way!  As we answer the question, “Where is the hole?” we will begin a transformational process which will guide us from finding the hole in our own lives to uncovering the hole in the Church. This will lead us to repairing the hole at home and in the world.  We will conclude this study with a HUGE celebration on Easter Sunday…the day the world was changed forever!

The structure of this study will be as such – your class will watch a short video and then engage in discussion and prayer together.  Each class will decide individually if they would like to participate in the study.  If a class decides not to, but you as an individual would like to, please contact Joey Parsons, as he will be organizing groups of people who desire to participate, though their class might not.  If you are not currently in a Sunday school class, you can still participate!  Contact Joey Parsons, as he will be forming new groups to study together.

Our sermon series is based around this study but will not come directly from Stearns’ book.  We will be focusing on Scripture and the truth there-in.  Here at Faith Church, we always begin with God’s Word, and then move to practical application as we study together.

If you have any questions, please contact either Joey Parsons or myself through the church office and we will be glad to help you participate in this transformational study during Lent!

Have a blessed season!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Rob