In 2008 and 2009, Faith Church sent a short term teams to rural Cameroon.  They joined two experienced pastoral trainers (Dale from CA and Alan from CO) with the goal of building up the church in Cameroon and sharing the good news of Jesus.

Pastor Jim Murphy’s main focus was mentoring and training pastors.  He also had the opportunity to view the Jesus film with the local Muslim spiritual leader.  It was acceptable for him to view because the gospel of Luke is about Jesus whom they view as a prophet.  What wonderful seeds to plant!

The rest of the team was involved with the training of children’s and women’s ministry leaders.  We spoke at youth camps and women’s conferences.  We visited widows, helped out at the orphanage where we stayed and played with the kids.

On the whole, all were greatly blessed.  Please consider joining a team for a future trip.  There are a variety of projects around the orphanage and community that could use handyman types and people with medical skills as well the on-going projects we were involved in.  


 If you are interested in going to help in this work "Contact Us".