Here’s one of the easiest ways to break the ice with each other that you’ll find at Faith Church: Come-As-You-Can Social Lunch Thing! 

When: Monthly after second service (around noon) downstairs below the sanctuary Potluck means: Bring whatever you like, enough to feed 5-6 faces (Can’t bring? Just come anyway!) Childcare? Yes! We’ve got that covered – parents donate as we can to thank our youth helpers Connect4 is not a “small group”. It’s not a large group, or a program, or a… whatever. It’s just a lunch thing.

It started because a bunch of us wanted to “connect” a little more, without signing up for another evening or mid-week commitment. So instead, we stay after church about once a month to share a meal and stories about what’s going on in life.

The age range is wide, and faces come and go. We’ve especially enjoyed meeting visitors and new folks who like a no-strings-attached way to “meet the family”.

Anyway. We connect around food, fun, fellowship and faith. That’s why we named it Connect4. It may be just a bit corny – but it captures what we love about this easy, relaxed “thing”. Why don’t you join us!