The Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a relatively new (founded in 1981) denomination that grew out of the dissatisfaction of many ruling elders and pastors with the increasingly liberal direction of their main-line denomination.

  • We have distilled from the Bible and the historic confessions of faith those doctrines which we believe to be essential-the absolutes on which we will not compromise. these are set forth in the document "The Essentials" (see below).



  • We have identified specifically the primary task of the Church in our Book of Government: "The first duty of the Church is to evangelize by extending the Gospel both at home and abroad, leading others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior."


  • In order to maintain the best elements of a Presbyterian form of government (rule by elders), we have provided that there shall be a ratio of 2 ruling elders to 1 teaching elder (pastor) in the Presbytery and General Assembly.


  • We are fully Trinitarian. we believe strongly in all three Persons of the Godhead. we affirm the priority of the fruit of the Holy Spirit over the gifts, but count on His gifts to energize the work of His church. we are reformed, not pentecostal, in our theology of the Spirit.


  • We have addressed the difficult and sometimes emotional issue of the role of women in the leadership of the church by allowing each individual congregation to make that decision for themselves.


  • We have specified certain rights that are reserved to individual congregations, such as the right to own its own property, to withdraw from the denomination with its property if it so decides, and the right to call its own pastor.


  • We have a voluntary "per member asking" to support the administrative and benevolence work of the denomination, not as a required "per capita tax".