Haiti Gospel Mission Orphanage - Jeremie Orphans

One person from Faith Church has been to Haiti Gospel Mission Orphanage 3 times with short term mission teams.  During one of these trips, he designed and helped install a large solar power system to provide lights and refrigeration for the orphanage.  His Sunday school class has purchased Creole Bibles for the orphanage and goats for the orphanage farm.  

All short term trips to this site are coordinated through Men For Missions International (MFMI).  MFMI is the laymen's voice of One Mission Society International (OMS), headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana.  OMS is an evangelical, interdenominational, faith mission, reaching the nations for Christ through training national leaders and planting churches in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America.  There is always more need at this orphanage than can be met.  A number of  U.S. churches have helped this orphanage through MFMI over the years to become self sufficient in many ways, including funds for their schooling and their food and clothing.  Given the recent earthquake, there is even more urgency to help those children who have been orphaned by the quake and for the orphanage buildings and grounds.  MFMIteams have also assembled and distributed many water purification filters for churches and villages, which can provide pure water for 20 to 25 people for 10 years at a cost of only $32 per filter using mostly local materials. 

The orphanage work started in 1976 when God began a ministry with Yvrose Pierre, who had a burden for orphaned children at Jeremie, Haiti.  Since then, the orphanage has grown to 127 children.  Yvrose lives on faith in God each day for food, clothing, and other provisions at the orphanage.  There are times when food is scarce and meals are infrequent but Yvrose places her needs faithfully on God.  Yvrose knows that the Lord will provide her every need.  How true this is - sometimes He even lets you and me do His work to help those in need.  In a country that has an 82% rate of illiteracy, the children go to a grade school at the orphanage and finish high school.  Should any of the children sense God directing them to full-time Christian service, they are sent to seminary.  Should they select a secular education, they are taught how to go to the school of their choice and use that education for the Lord.  MFMI teams have also helped build and maintain several churches that Yvrose has started in the Jeremie area.  To learn more about the orphanage and the work of YvRose and MFMIteams in Haiti, a brochure is available or go to:  www.jeremieorphans.org

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