We are a people whose conscious desire is to glorify God. We want Him to be front and center in our lives, both corporately and individually. We think God is the most awesome Person in the universe, and want to see Him get the recognition and praise He deserves. Our conviction from Scripture is that the best ways we can promote His glory are to love God; to love His people; and to love His world. We call these the Three Priorities, and they form the hooks on which we hang everything we do.

Our web site is designed to introduce you to our church as completely as possible short of an actual visit. Browse around, and discover who we are and what God is doing in our midst. We are excited about being in league with the Master of the Universe!

As you are getting acquainted with us, you will want to check out some of the documents that define who we are.  For example, our Statement of Faith defines us theologically; the Covenant of Fellowship spells out the kind of commitment we make to the Lord and to each other. We are part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and we invite you to examine FAQ's about our denomination, and visit the EPC home page.

Thanks for visiting our web site. We invite you to visit us this Sunday, or drop us a line, we welcome your comments and questions.

Rob McClelland, SeniorPastor