Mission Statement: To do whatever we can to reach and serve the physical and spiritual needs of the Navajo people so that they are able to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We just returned from a mission trip (May, 2010) where we installed a bathroom for a 95-year-old man (who previously had none), re-did the dining room floor and re-finished the bathroom for an 89-year-old woman and her son and daughter who live with and care for her (the toilet was about to fall through the floor). 

We also put a roof over the trailer of a man who lives out in the desert.  The windows on the trailer do not open, and the roof leaked rain and snow.  It was so hot in the summer that the man was forced to sleep on his picnic table.  It was like a tin can sitting in the desert sun. 

We also took wood to an 89-year-old woman (Margaret) who lives in an extremely remote area.  She cooks with wood and had recently run out. Throughout the trip, there were opportunities to share support for Navajo Christians as well as to share Christ’s love with “traditional” Navajos who do not believe in Christ. 

Upcoming mission trips: We are hoping to take a team to the northwest corner of the reservation in September or early October 2010 to replace the roof on Margaret’s stone hogan which leaks snow in the winter.  We will also build a new roof over the sheltered outside area where she cooks.  This trip is still in the planning stages.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for our decisions regarding the fall trip.
  2. Pray for Toni and her family who work with us for the clothing program.
  3. Pray for God to open the hearts and the minds of everyone we come in contact with.
  4. Pray for God to give us opportunities to share the Good News.
  5. Pray that we may bring refreshment and support to the Navajo Christians we meet.
  6. Pray for team members for the next trip.
  7. Pray for us to be good stewards of the Word in our words, thoughts, and deeds.

If someone is interested in joining us for our next Navajo shot-term mission trip "Contact Us".