Faith Church Stories of Gospel Impact!

One of our local outreach ministries is called Room 4 Hope, where we work with women coming out of incarceration to find comfort, encouragement, and support. The mission of Room 4 Hope is to be a group of mentors investing in the lives of at-risk women struggling with their life circumstances, and offer comfort, hope, love, acceptance, and encouragement, while equipping them to meet daily challenges with success through positive choices. We accomplish this mission by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed with each woman who crosses our path.

Recently we had a wonderful life story shared by Charlotte. Charlotte had been in jail just one night, when she saw a flyer about Room 4 Hope. She came to one of our meetings looking for some hope. On her first visit, as we discussed our individual concepts of God and how we developed our concepts, Charlotte shared, “You want to know my concept of God? He’s a Button Pusher – pushes one button and send you to hell – pushes another button and sends you to heaven.”

We thanked Charlotte for being so honest and transparent with us, and asked her to keep joining us each week to see and hear about our concept of God and why we felt that way about God.

Charlotte kept returning. And just recently, Charlotte chose to surrender her life to Jesus. She shared this with us, "I've changed my mind; God is NOT a button pusher, but a LIGHT GIVER!" Praise God for changing lives for eternity! He truly is the Light of the World!