Each year several teams from Faith Church participate in Short Term Missions around the world.  You will find more information about some of these trips below.

There are many reasons that Faith Church supports and for individuals to go on Short Term Missions trips; they include:

  •  Vision trips – connecting the congregation to missions
    • Prayer Walking
    • Visiting our missionaries on the field
  • Candidate Testing
    • Cross-cultural aptitude
    • Field testing (is this the place or team?)
  • Evangelism (Americans as door openers)
  • Training (Mobilization-type ministries)
  • Strategic opportunities – that is, establishing longer-term relationships with strategic ministries
  • Service – Partnerships
    • Medical Missions – strategic use of medical professionals
    • Business As Mission -- strategic use of business professionals
    • Orphanage care
    • Work Projects

Faith Church Short Term Mission Opportunities 

Alaska Short Term Mission Trip - July 21 - July 31, 2018

Join us to work at the Interact Ministries campus near Palmer, Alaska. Interact Alaska exists to make reproducing disciples among least-reached people, in cooperation with church and like-minded organizations. They labor to see Native believers discipled and discipling others, and to see Native believers equipped to share ministry responsibilities.

The team will work, worship, and enjoy a beautiful campus, with jobs for every physical ability.


A small, independent team will fly to a tiny remote village, Grayling, to execute repair and remodeling work on mission structures.

Informational Meeting: March 25, 12-1 pm, Hall of Faith, Room #1

Sign up Deadline: April 1st

Prayer and Donations are appreciated. Please contact the church office, 970-663-0522.