We believe that God calls us to be missionaries in this culture whenever and wherever we are.  We want to view relationships with individuals, our neighborhood, our city, our nation, and the world intentionally through the eyes of Jesus.  We realize that if we are truly going to live this way, it will radically alter our worldview.

We are passionate about the Gospel, Worship, Community, and Mission.  We believe that every person is created in the image of God, has inherent value, and has a story worth telling.  But more so, we believe that the greatest story of all, the story of Jesus Christ, is the one that gives life, meaning, and purpose to all people.

Maybe you have grown up in the church or maybe you have never darkened the door of a church.  Maybe you are frustrated with the church, or have been hurt by the church, or maybe you are just looking for something new.  You are welcome here! Faith Church is a community of flawed and broken people with a love for Jesus Christ, and a desire to reflect him to the world around us.  We are not sure what brought you here, but one thing is certain - we are glad you are here.